PTYH Classes for ages 4 & Up

(Contact us to find the class best suited for your child)

Always something new

PTYH Classes provide non-stop fun to get students moving. Each class combines sports, games, exercises, challenges, obstacle courses, and more into one action packed class!


PTYH Coaches learn each student's specific interests and skill level to customizes class. Once an activity starts to fade, another is ready to pick up the momentum. The result is a smooth, fun, active, fully engaged exercise experience!


PTYH's Original class provides Students the opportunity to develop their athleticism and character through sports, games and challenges. Qualified Coaches support each student to reach their potential as an athlete and a friend!

Ptyh Sports

PTYH Sports provides a fun-first approach to popular sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, disc-golf, ultimate-Frisbee, team-handball, and more. Each sport is simplified and made safe to give students the ability to enjoy the game before taking it seriously!

PTYH Extreme

PTYH Extreme provides the same multi-activity experience, but includes activities that may not be suitable for every child. (Including laser-tag, nerf-games, archery-tag, and water-blasters.)